ECOPIXEL is a manufacturing company that recycles thermoplastic waste-material in order to obtain a recycled(1) and recyclable(2) material, creating this way a true *cycle in material-use.  ecopixel® was developed by producer Claudio Milioto and designer Jan Puylaert and is a 100% made in Italy production. From the beginning both, in their work, have tried to design and produced with respect for nature using recyclable materials wherever possible. Now is time to reuse this recycled material! Reducing wasteful use; collecting, reusing or recycling plastic (*LDPE) trash, stepping up the use of recycled plastic and modifying product designs to minimize new plastic use.
ECOPIXEL will be providing the Plastics Recycling World Expo conference theatre seating.

Zeppelin Systems

Zeppelin Systems is a global leader in plant engineering for handling high-quality bulk materials. With over 70 years of experience in the individual process steps and extensive know-how in handling the various raw materials, Zeppelin Systems offers reliable complete solutions. At 22 locations worldwide, the company supports its customers from plant design to implementation and provides all services from a single source. Here, innovative process concepts are just as important as smart automation solutions and a full range service that covers the entire life cycle of a plant.

Each Zeppelin plant meets the individual requirements of the customer from plastic, chemical, rubber and tire, as well as food industries. With the world's largest technology center network for bulk materials, Zeppelin enables its customers to carry out tests on an industrial scale in order to verify and optimize the plant design. In addition, Zeppelin Systems develops and manufactures its own components for key plant functions, which are also used in third-party plants. For more information, visit www.zeppelin-systems.com.

Zeppelin Systems will be sponsoring the Compounding World Expo conference theatre 2.

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