Stand - A729

Auserpolimeri, an Italian company part of the Eigenmann & Veronelli Group, specialized in grafting maleic anhydride and in chemical modification of a wide range of polyolefins and other polymeric matrices. Thanks to synergies with E&V technical-marketing network, Auserpolimeri has gradually taken on an international scope and currently exports its products to over thirty countries worldwide. While developing its international presence, Auserpolimeri has strengthened its focus on technology and innovation, with a particular view on providing quality technical support as well as continuously developing new products. The production facilities span an area of more than 6,000 sq. m. and include a quality control lab, a research & development and prototyping unit with pilot extrusion lines.



Impact modifiers for polyamides and engineered plastics.

• Performance modifiers for engineering plastics.
• High performance barrier compounds (O, HO, fuel, etc).
• Hot melt adhesion promoters.
• Performance modifers for biopolymers.


Multilayer composite pipes

• Plastic/Rubber to metal bonding.
• Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP).
• Textile lamination.


Coupling Agents in HFFR

• Compatibilizers for overmoulding.
• Coupling agents for GF filles PP, HDPE.
• Compatibilizers for HP polymeric alloys.
• Compatibilizers for polymer recycling.
• Coupling agents in rubber compounds.
• Coupling agents in WPC.