CPM Extrusion Group
Stand - A423
The CPM Extrusion Group has 3 production location worldwide. We focus on the continuous improvement of extrusion processes, by optimizing the screw geometries of co-rotating twin screw extruders, and further developing process technology with the RingExtruder.

These include, in particular, the plastics industry with its refinement and recycling stages, the rubber and tyre industry, the manufacturing of powder coatings and applications such as the continuous processing of food products.

Extricom Extrusion, Century Extrusion and Ruiya Extrusion are all part of the CPM Extrusion Group. For more information visit:

Extricom Extrusion: https://extricomextrusion.com/ 

Century Extrusion: https://www.centuryextrusion.com/ 

Ruiya Extrusion: http://ruiyaextrusion.com/