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EUKIM is a mining, manufacturing, and distributing company based in Turkey & Germany for industrial minerals and  specialty fillers. The mining activities are based on more than 40 years of experience.

EUKIM offers a wide range of ultra-fine and micronized functional fillers:

-Talc,-Calcined Kaolin,-Calcium Carbonate,-Feldspar,-Barium Sulphate,

-Kaolin,-Mica,-Dolomite,-Ball Clay,-Quartz

which are widely used in plastic. paint, rubber, and other sectors.

EUKIM aims to create optimum value for its partners with a commitment to excellence and responsibility and, produces in a highly German brand-equipped integrated production plant in the Cappadocia area of Turkey.

Besides, EUKIM’s focus is on technical support services.

EUKIM is constantly engaged in satisfying the ever-increasing demands of local and, international customers, as EUKIM has access to different purest mines.

If you have a supply agreement that doesn't match your goals, or if you want to improve your purchase options and obtain more benefits, please get in touch with us.