Eurotech Extrusion Machinery
Stand - A505

EUR.EX.MA offers, since 1999, complete Pilot and Lab extrusion solutions and systems, including also complete small lines for industrial production.

Our customers are laboratories and R&D departments of companies specialized in production, manufacturing and processing of thermoplastic materials.

EUR.EX.MA is developing equipment to enhance circular economy processes and sustainable plastic processing industry, allowing the research of best technology to improve usage of recycled and bio-based materials.

 EUR.EX.MA is following the vision of Syncro Group "ZERO WASTE MYSSION" to reduce energy consumption and scraps at minimum level.

Engineering and design, knowledge of machines manufacturing processes and applications, based on the real 30-year experience of our technicians, make EUR.EX.MA a reliable partner. Our main goals are to achieve constant innovation and to meet our customers needs.


• ENGINEERING & DESIGN: made in Italy, high quality mechanical construction and European standards

• KNOW-HOW: 30 years of knowledge of machines, processes and applications

• PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS: taylor-made solution. Our design technology allows to meet a wide range of specific needs with suitable solutions

• DEDICATED CUSTOMER CARE: remote service with dedicated skilled technicians