HPF The Mineral Engineers
Stand - A749
Quarzwerke Group is an independent international family business with more than 135 years of tradition and a significant market position in the extraction, processing and refining of industrial minerals, mainly from its own deposits. More than 35 production sites are located in Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine.

Headquartered in Frechen near Cologne, Germany, the company is organized into six divisions and currently employs approximately 3,500 people worldwide. The division HPF The Mineral Engineers has been developing and selling high performance fillers and additives for polymer systems based on natural and synthetic minerals for years. These high performance fillers give polymer systems amazing functional and / or optical properties and are used around the globe. Sales offices are established in the vicinity of Milan, Italy and in Seoul, South Korea.

Products of the SILATHERMĀ® range significantly increase the thermal conductivity of thermoplastics and thermosets while at the same providing electrical insulating properties. Continuous further developments enabled optimized particle size mixtures for higher filling degrees. For all products, a much better homogenization can be achieved by a surface coating specially adapted to the polymer system. This leads to even better mechanical properties and higher thermal conductivities.