IMS Polymers
Stand - A529

IMS Polymers is a compounder based in Turkey and in the year of 2017 we got the title of R&D center. We have been in the industry for over 8 years and we already genereated value to companies.

Our company can produce a wide range of polymers (PA6, PA66, PP, PE, PPS, PBT, PC, ABS, TPU, SAN, etc. and their blends) with various fillers & reinforcement materials (calcium carbonate, talcum, glass fiber, carbon fiber etc.) together with various additives in order to develop and manufacture compounds according to customer requirements. We can manufacture high impact, UV resistant, antistatic, flame retardent (halojenated, halojen free), antiscratch, high temperature, high gloss, thermal conductive etc. polymers according to customer demands.  

Some examples of our products ; PA6 virgin, 30 GF PA6 virgin, PA66 virgin, 30 GF PA66 virgin, 30 GF PPh virgin, 20 Talk PPc virgin, 30 GF PBT (all can be produced in natural, black or other colours), 40 GF PPS (natural, black), GF reinfoced PC, GF reinforced ABS, and new products can be compounded by the demand from you. 

You may find our company presentations and catalogue attached. Our website is in case you would like to learn more about us.