Stand - A141

As an independent, owner-managed, global active company with a long history we have stood for reliability and bio-based materials for over 140 years now - for our customers, employees and future. A unique combination of know-how, experience and ever improving product portfolio and processing technology allows us to offer reliable quality and quantities even in challenging times. With our products we serve various industries with an ever expanding number of application areas. 

JRS wood and cellulose fibers ranging from 8 up to 2000 micrometer are used in new, modern plastic systems for a wide range of applications. From pencils over furniture decors to technical parts; packaging lids to foils – the combinations of functional, renewable raw materials with high performance polymers offer infinite possibilities. In synergy with bioplastics we increase the performance regarding mechanical properties and biodegradability. 

In the broad plastics market, JRS wood fibers also serve as a high quality, functional filler in extruded wood plastic composites (WPC). Applications are for example patio planks, fences and facade elements. Our products enable a consistently high quality and processing reliability with filling degrees of up to 80%. 

In elastomeric systems JRS wood and cellulose fibers are used to bring the performance of the products in a desired direction. Fiber reinforcement, crack stopping, increased shore hardness, improved stiffness and weight reduction are some of the functions, which can be influenced with JRS fibers. 

With over 90 production and sales locations worldwide the JRS network is your strategic partner in development, small and full scale production as well as business expansion. You can get into contact with our experts at booth A 141 of the Compounding World Expo 2023.