Stand - A500

MAGNESIA has been a supplier of high-quality mineral compounds for over 40 years and is today internationally known for its high service orientation, product quality as well as level of innovation.

MAGNESIA supplies customers in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries as well as manufacturers of technical applications with a wide range of mineral compounds. Chemical industry, paint industry and industrial companies for rubber, building materials and polymers all over the world rely on high-quality minerals and the longstanding knowledge of the MAGNESIA experts. Mineral compounds for technical applications are mainly used in powder form, as fillers or additives with a specific function. MAGNESIA minerals are perfect as lubricants, binders or release agents. They are also used as pH-regulators and to control viscosity.

Raw materials based on magnesium and calcium for detergents and fertilizers, but also as components of abrasives, tanning agents and bleaching agents are part of the MAGNESIA range. The raw materials offer unique properties of thermal insulation and flame protection. MAGNESIA minerals also show proven usefulness in energy-intensive processes such as vulcanization, manufacture of glass and ceramics as well as in the production of steel.

Our team of experts has many years of market experience. Use our knowledge for a precise adjustment of your desired product parameters. We will assist you with competent advice and help to identify the ideal solution for your technical challenge. The popular core products are kept in stock constantly to offer customers short delivery times.