Stand - A442

Nanocyl SA is the industrial multiwall carbon nanotube expert.

We are a worldwide industry leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and MWCNT based formulated products.

We are a Responsible company with the leading Health, Safety and Environmental standards to ensure safe handling and use  of our materials. We are the leader of our MWCNT REACH dossier and a positioned leader to the 100-1000 mt production range.

Our mission is to support our customers’ growth with top of the class industrial MWCNT, MWCNT formulated products and sustainable long term performance solutions.

Our industrial strategy is to focus on the current challenges of the Energy, Transport and Electronic markets, while developing novel durable solutions for the Rubber market. We will do so by delivering high quality MWCNT, MWCNT formulated products and providing unique technical support worldwide.