Polimer Teknik
Stand - A308

Polimer Technics has been the manufacturer of co-rotating twin screw extruders under the trademark of Poex since 2007.

As the young player of the compound industry, we are happy and proud to corner the global market to the greater extent every day.

The secret of our company’s achievement is its efforts to manufacture products without compromise on quality by blending the know-how at an optimum level into endless number of information sources endless with the latest technology and quality processing machinery incorporated into its young, trained and dynamic labor.

Polimer Technics contributed a fresh air of excitement to the compound extruders market with its aesthetic and innovative extruders.

Attaching great importance to developing new products and enhancing product quality by scientific tests, Polimer Technics has many patented products in its field of activity.

Making value-added production, we are committed to increasing the profitability of our customers who have been trusting our brand with more than 200 poex extruders operating in 20 countries on 3 continent since the establishment of our company.