Stand - A607

The production of high quality mixing plants that fully meet your requirements is what we like to do and our specialty. Provide the technical assistance, so that the customer is put in a position to get the most from our products is equally important. The satisfaction of our customers has our full Attention and we pursue this fundamental goal by designing innovative and technologically advanced products, which guarantee durability over time. The main purpose of our products is to improve the mixing quality and productivity of our customers, together with a high reliability.

PROMIXON is able to fulfill your mixing needs with the following products: 

  • “XM” HIGH SPEED TURBOMIXERS single or combined with the “XC” HIGH EFFICIENCY COOLERS: the perfect solution for the production of PVC Dry-Blend both rigid and plasticized, WPC, Thermoplastic Polymers, Color Master-Batch, Additives and Powders.
  • “FX” CONTAINER MIXER for fast mixing of Master-Batch of color pigments, compound of engineering plastics and Powder Coatings.
  • Totally integrated solution for the mixing requirements of a modern Powder Coatings factory for the processes of PRE-MIXING, METALLIC BLENDING and METALLIC BONDING.
  • SERVICE and SPARE-PARTS for all your existing mixing systems
  • PROMIXON LAB: The brand new testing room in PROMIXON facility in Magnago (MI) – Italy, where it is possible to do trials with PROMIXON mixers and the customers’ products.