Stand - A409

The address – when it comes to plastics


Regardless whether by means of product testing with quality certificate or analyses and expert opinions after damage events - our Testing division supports your product policy and supplies you with valuable arguments for your key markets.

Congresses and seminars on plastics as well as on interdisciplinary topics enable you to benefit from the formula for success of strong companies and their experts in order to effectively integrate their practices into your daily business.

Companies in this line of industry are always well advised – not only at times when experts and specialist personnel are scarce – to press ahead with qualifying their specialists. Bottlenecks caused by new techniques and increase in production volume are to be compensated by further training.

Our research and development takes hurdles: in projects with immediate practical relevance we focus forward – from material to production processes and component properties up to the assessment of procedures and products in the light of economical and ecological aspects. Our research results meet operating requirements, benefiting quality and efficiency.

The awareness of a company’s own processes, raised in the course of the certification procedure, already suffices to constantly reveal room for improvement. No company should do without this tailwind anymore.

The FSKZ e.V., the Fördergemeinschaft für das Süddeutsche Kunststoff-Zentrum, is responsible for us. Amongst our members are successful companies of the plastics and related industries. Being a member in this association gives you the possibility to achieve top positions in the team as well as to network, to profit from excellent contacts, and to be able to sustainably represent your plastic-specific interests with a successful team.