The Compound Company
Stand - A711

The Compound Company is an international compounder and is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands. The Compound Company develops and manufactures compounds that are widely used in numerous application areas and industries. We are specialized in innovative customized solutions and are a flexible tolling partner for companies that are looking for extra production capacity.  

The Compound Company has 2 product brands: EcoForte® and Yparex®.

EcoForte® is a product range of customized thermoplastic compounds. Examples are glass fiber reinforced-, mineral filled-, natural fiber reinforced-, flame-retardant compounds.  

Yparex® is a product range of extrudable adhesive resins. The Yparex® portfolio consists of a full range of high-quality, high-tech tie-layer resins, coupling agents and compatibilizers, that meet the demanding needs of customers in a broad range of application areas. 

Both brands also offer sustainable solutions.