Recycling in the South of Italy: improving quality whilst saving on spare parts

Fimic comes to ItalFire, in Manduria. Italfire is a family business specialising in the production and maintenance of fire protection systems. It has recently entered the plastic recycling market with enthusiasm.

Owner Antonio Lodedo and his son Matteo have installed an entirely Made in Italy recycling line for post-industrial and commercial LDPE, recognising the market need for high quality material, even if recycled.

Italfire contacted FIMIC mid-2019 to improve the filtration quality of washed plastic material with high contamination. They required technology that could process wood, PET, paper and other plastics. Contamination hovers around 4-5%; however, as it often happens, impurity levels entering the extrusion process can vary considerably.

Recycling in the South of Italy with the RAS 700Yes, that's the beauty of recycling! The material can’t always be the same day in day out. Hence, the mesh screen originally installed by ItalFire couldn’t handle such levels of contamination when in full production without incurring issues and, above all, couldn’t contain spare part costs. FIMIC quickly acted to deliver a RAS 700 with a filtering surface of almost 4,000 cm² and a single laser screen as swiftly as possible allowing ItalFire to resume production at full speed.

FIMIC filters are adapted prior to shipping, so that flanges and height fit the customer’s extrusion line. This allows us to replace the existing filter halting the machine for one day only. Understandably, training is essential and therefore our technicians stay with the customers’ operators three whole days. This ensures effective training and full production before the technicians’ departure.

Thanks to the FIMIC laser technology installed by the Lodedo family, southern Italy now has 1,500 kg / h of quality LDPE film at 150 microns at its disposal and not just that!

It goes without saying that the 5% contamination must be eliminated from the recycled plastic. The discharge waste, containing a minimum percentage of plastic and contamination, is reprocessed with a filtration of 400 microns to be used in molding applications.

This is one LDPE recycling case that makes FIMIC very proud. When a filter is installed in one’s own country, there’s always an exceptional gratification in the work done. Also, the recycling of HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, EPS, soft PVC and very soon PET, allows us to say that 2020 will be another year full of surprises for FIMIC!