DSM selects MAAG Group for expansion in strand pelletizing business

Royal DSM has initiated an extensive modernization and expansion of their high-performance materials compounding plant in Evansville (Indiana, USA). For this project, Royal DSM continues their successful 40-year partnership with MAAG Group supplying several automatic strand pelletizing lines (Jet Stream Granulation System – JSG).

The automatic JSG strand pelletizing systems from MAAG Group are designed to achieve highest throughput rates in plastics compounding. Over the last 20 years we developed our JSG systems for various pelletizing applications. Typically, our customers choose the Jet Stream Systems when a high level of automation and machine availability at the best possible pellet quality is required. The specialty of those machines is that starting from the die head the process handling is fully automated and therefore once the pelletizing process is set up manual interaction is not necessary anymore. That makes the JSG systems particularly popular for the pelletizing of highly filled compounding products as well as high quality recycling applications.

“The JSG machine has a great advantage for our customers compared to the normal strand pelletizing system. The JSG guarantees a consistent granulate quality throughout, meeting the highest demands. It is mostly used to process high-priced polymers. Due to the high level of automation, strand breaks are immediately fed back into the pelletizer during production”, said Harald Zang, General Manager Sales. “This avoids waste, increases the productivity of the machine and thus generates increased turnover and profit.

Depending on the customer needs MAAG Group can set up different features and process parameters of the Jet Stream Systems and react on certain material properties and throughput ranges. As our customers know best, perfect pellet quality starts at the extrusion of the polymer strands at the die head. With 65 years of experience in plastic pelletizing, MAAG Group takes care of the complete process know-how starting from the melt pump and can therefore serve a wide field of applications and offer tailored solutions for customers.

MAAG Group will be exhibiting at Compounding World Expo Europe in 2021.