AMUT completes training and start-up of a full sheet line

2021 progresses with a new 'green' achievement for AMUT. The company cares of the planet, by preventing post-consume PET bottles from being sent to landfill or dispersed into the  environment, enabling their reuse and recycling, through various solutions ranging from sorting and washing  to extrusion and thermoforming.

During the height of COVID–19 in March 2021, the recycling technology player successfully completed the training and start-up of a complete sheet line at Hickman’s Family Farms in Arizona. This custom-engineered  plant has been designed for PET Food Packaging with the sustainable “Bottle to Packaging” direct process.  The complete line has a capacity of 3,500 lbs/h and is equipped with a MPR to guarantee the FDA L-NO direct  food contact grade of material starting from 100% Post-Consumer r-PET Flakes.

Thanks to the foresight and commitment of Hickman Family, they are now producing in house the PET sheet to make their famous “Sustainable r-PET Eggs Tray”, thereby closing the LOOP on Recycling and consuming  upwards to 30,000,000 pounds of r-PET from post-consumer containers annually.  The line is in operation to the utmost satisfaction of the customer, producing around the clock 24 hour/day.

This is the second stage of Hickman’s vertical integration plan to meet their sustainable packaging objectives, as this sheet will be utilized in their 2 AMUT ACF high-speed thermoforming machines. A winning  combination for the task at hand, that was completed thanks to an efficient “Team-Work” between AMUT  and Hickman staff.

“We’re very excited about working with AMUT on our new recycling start up here at Hickman’s. COVID  created a lot of setbacks but because of the support from AMUT and the team we have, the startup was  seamless and very successful” stated Branden, the Grand-Son of the original founding Hickman.


AMUT will be exhibiting at Plastics Recycling World Expo.