Ardy Doelen
Polyscope Polymers B.V.
Sales and Business Development Manager

Ardy Doelen is Sales and Business Development Manager of Polyscope Polymers BV (headquartered in Geleen, the Netherlands). He is responsible for SMA sales in Europe and he is market segment leader for Polyscope’s performance enhancers portfolio, creating distribution networks on a global scale.

Ardy is still fresh in the industry but gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the maleic anhydride (MA) chemistry, this experience started in his internship at DSM. Research work with highly functionalized branched polymers using MA functionalities started an excellent stepping stone to start at Polyscope in 2012, since this product range consists of styrene maleic anhydride polymers.

He expanded his experience by working closely with experts of SMA polymers and he is now responsible for the neat resin sales in Europe. His experience led to a new portfolio for Polyscope with focus on compatibilization, chain extending and coupling agents. He is actively looking to expand this portfolio globally by working closely together with strategic partners. Ardy Doelen studied chemistry in Eindhoven with a bachelor degree in Applied Sciences.