Dr. Ivan Vulic
Senior Application/Sales Development Manager
Solvay Polymer Additives

Dr Ir. Ivan Vulic was born in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) on September 1, 1960. He graduated with a degree in Materials Science from the University of Twente in Enschede (the Netherlands) in beginning 1985. After finishing his Ph.D. work in polymer chemistry at the same University, he started his career at DSM Research B.V. in Geleen (the Netherlands) as a polymer chemist working in the field of polymeric materials. Over a time period of almost 7 years, he dealt with liquid crystalline polymers, engineering plastics (polyesters and polyamides), and the development of new engineering plastics applications (thermoplastic elastomers). 

In beginning 1996, he joined Cytec Industries B.V. in Botlek-Rotterdam (the Netherlands) as a polymer scientist in the function of Regional Applications Manager followed by Application/Sales Development Manager. In his present function as Senior Application/Sales Development Manager in the New Business Development group, he acts as technical liaison for the Polymer Additives product group (Sales & Marketing) between resin manufacturers, masterbatch producers, and compounders in Europe (including Africa and Middle East) and Solvay’s Technology Solutions global Technical Service and Research & Innovation groups, which are centrally based in Stamford, CT (USA).