John Almey
GreenMantra Technologies
Application Scientist

John Almey works as an Application Scientist at GreenMantra Technologies and has been at the forefront in working with academic institutions, brands, and commercial entities to apply GreenMantra’s novel specialty polymers in a number of new applications. Mr. Almey has an MSc. degree in chemistry from the University of Waterloo and has extensive expertise in materials science, polymer chemistry, and application development, especially related to the asphalt and plastic industries.

As part of GreenMantra’s highly innovative research and development team, Mr. Almey works together with his colleagues to characterize and optimize the company’s polymer materials that are produced from waste plastics. This has led to the refinement of these novel products that are now commercially available across North America, Europe, and Asia, allowing for the annual diversion of thousands of tons of waste plastic from our landfills and environment. Mr. Almey’s current area of research focuses on expanding the applications of upcycled materials primarily for use in the roofing, road paving, and plastics processing industries.