Quentin Le Piouff
Nordic Grafting Company (NGC)
Market Development Manager

Quentin Le Piouff is Market Development Manager at Nordic Grafting Company, responsible for European market and based in France. He joined recently this daughter company of Bjorn Thorsen A/S, dedicated to grafted polyolefin materials, to develop and introduce to the market the Acti-Tech® product range.

He has more than 7 years of experience in polymer modification and functionalization by reactive extrusion and grafting, working in several projects of innovative plastic solutions in compounding, automotive, packaging, recycling and high-performance polymers.

Quentin was Business Development Director of a SME providing R&D services during 2 years. He graduated in Material Science and Engineering at INSA Lyon (France) and holds a Master degree from the Université de Lyon, in 2009.