Tuğçe Uysalman
Project & Business Development Supervisor
IMS Polymers

Tuğçe Uysalman is Project and Business Development Supervisor in IMS Polymers. She is also a doctoral student studying on "Development of bone-like polymeric composite materials for additive manufacturing" in Ege University in İzmir. She has 8 years of industry experience in compounding and academic experience in thermoplastic composite material development, especially biocomposite materials and biomaterial fabrication.

She graduated in chemical engineering from Ege University in 2013, following that with post-graduate studies in material science and engineering in İzmir.

She began her industry career as a research and development engineer and continued as a product development engineer in 2015. Tuğçe Uysalman gained experience about project management, R&D center activity management, developing formulations of many functional engineering plastics and optimization of extrusion process parameters, also evaluation of characterization results.

Tuğçe Uysalman applies her technical knowledge and uses experience to costumer projects and R&D projects in both domestic and international projects. She is responsible for acquiring new customers, developing new product segments and expanding application areas.