Advancell Expandable Microspheres

Advancell Expandable Microspheres

Advancell EM is comprised of thermo-expandable microspheres (tiny plastic spheres) containing a low-boiling-point liquid hydrocarbon inside a thermoplastic polymer shell. When heated, the shells soften and, at the same time, the hydrocarbon contained inside suddenly expands, forming micro-balloons. Mixing Advancell EM with a resin (base material) adds a variety of desirable characteristics and features to the material, such as reduced weight and enhanced flexibility. The expansion start temperature and cell size can be optimized by selecting an appropriate grade.

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ECOPIXEL is a manufacturing company that recycles thermoplastic waste-material in order to obtain a recycled(1) and recyclable(2) material, creating this way a true *cycle in material-use.  ecopixel® was developed by producer Claudio Milioto and designer Jan Puylaert and is a 100% made in Italy production. From the beginning both, in their work, have tried to design and produced with respect for nature using recyclable materials wherever possible. Now is time to reuse this recycled material! Reducing wasteful use; collecting, reusing or recycling plastic (*LDPE) trash, stepping up the use of recycled plastic and modifying product designs to minimize new plastic use.

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Since its foundation in France 25 years ago, ENMA has focused on solutions to plastic recycling and regeneration, including wood, plastics, paper, biology, consumer waste, commercial disposal, industrial waste as well as other special application. The have a passion for developing sustainable environmental protection technology and ensure all the above-mentioned materials recycled and reusable to the maximum extent. ENMA define their products as five sections including transporting (Elmtaryd), granulating (BestgrindTech), washing (Toulouse), pelletizing (E-Loop), separating (Tongzeng). Customers find better solutions from a single ENMA machine, than a whole plant recycling system. 

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