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Brenntag is the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution. Beyond the marketing of process chemicals, Brenntag is focused on specialty products, value-added services and customized solutions.

The Polymers division of Brenntag GmbH offers customers in the thermoplastics processing industry a broad portfolio of polymers and polymer additives.

As part of the Polymers division, the Brenntag Compounding Facility at the Ramstein site (Germany) specializes in the development, production and marketing of compounds made from engineering thermoplastics and high-performance polymers and provides customers with differentiated and comprehensive support in implementing individualized applications.

The key competencies are specialty compounds that are developed in close cooperation with our customers to address their specific demands. This results in highly individual materials with specific property profiles for complex technical applications, for example in the fields of Mobility, E&E or Industrial Engineering, etc.

Users can choose from a wide range of different base polymers and additive/filler combinations. With a user-centric approach, flexible adaptation to requirements and fast response times, materials for metal substitutes, functionalized compounds (e.g. thermally conductive, detectable), food-grade or tribologically optimized grades are developed and produced on our own production lines.

Focus topics such as New Mobility, Automation and the Circular Economy are addressing completely new requirements for plastics in almost all industries and sectors. We see ourselves as an innovative development partner in an increasingly volatile market for polymers.

The portfolio is supplemented by a distribution offering from other well-known manufacturers.


  • Customized Material Solutions
  • Compound Development
  • Metal Substitutes
  • Thermally conductive Compounds
  • Detectable Compounds
  • Food Grades
  • Tribologically optimized Compounds