Stand - A602

Calcit is one of the leading European producers of highest-quality calcium carbonate, functional additives and granulates. It is an important manufacturer of natural and coated pigments for the plastic industry.

Calcit’s wide range of natural, ground calcium carbonate additives, collected under the brand names PolyPlex and CalPlex, support many applications. With an extremely fine particle size and bright colour they are used in PVC profile and sheet extrusion, film and breathable film manufacturing, production of tubes, cables and pipes, polyurethanes, polyurethane foam, rubber, flooring, sealants, artificial leather, SMC, BMC and much more. For special applications, we offer customized products developed in cooperation with the customer.

Calcit’s products are known for their top-notch quality and highest sustainability standards. Using our own know-how and experience, we strive to be the supplier of choice.