Stand - A419

ceronas is a producer of wax based processing additives and micronised waxes. ceronas is producing a broad range of oxidised VISCOCER® waxes and provides a unique range of wax based additives for the processing and compounding of technical plastics under the brand name ADDIMER®.

By using ADDIMER® customers can improve the processing properties of a broad range of polar and non polar resins. Increased flow properties, mould release, pigment and filler dispersion, compatibilisation or nucleation can be achieved with ADDIMER®. Additional benefits like low dosage, outstanding heat and colour stability, no haze and lowest volatility are the result of the custom made functionalised polymeric structure of the ADDIMER® wax additives.

New ADDIMER® ionomers help to compound polymers with high processing temperature. Also micronised mju:wax® additives based on different waxes like polyolefine or polyester waxes are manufactured, which are used for the manufacturing of PP or PET spun fibre masterbatches.