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ceronas is a manufacturer of wax additives and micronized waxes for plastics processing.

ceronas is producing a broad range of oxidized VISCOCER® waxes and provides a unique range of wax based processing, dispersing and compounding additives under the brand name ADDIMER®. By using ADDIMER® customers can improve the processing properties of a broad range of polar and non polar resins. Increased flow properties, mould release, pigment and filler dispersion, compatibilisation or nucleation can be achieved with ADDIMER®. Additional benefits like low dosage, outstanding heat and color stability, no haze and lowest volatility are the result of the custom made functionalized polymeric structure of the ADDIMER® wax additives. ADDIMER® ionomers help to compound polymers with high processing temperature like Polyamide 4.6. Micronized mju:wax® additives based on different waxes like polyolefine or polyester waxes are developed for colour and pigment masterbatches in PP or PET spun fibre applications to reduce the FPV and improve the pigment dispersion.

The company is certified by ISO 9001:20152015 quality management system to meet customers high quality demands. The product development of ceronas as well as the backward integration benefits from the cooperation with our partner euroceras. Basic wax raw material like HDPE-, LDPE, copolymers - and polyesterwaxes are custom made by euroceras. With our state of the art mills and reactors we are able to offer a broad portfolio of wax additives as well as tailor made products to support our customers product improvements and new developments.