CPM Extrusion Group
Stand - A423

Century Extrusion Part of the CPM family of brands, Century Extrusion offers twin screw extruder parts and highly engineered twin screw extrusion systems covering different levels of extruders, from entry level to high level specifications for various customer requirements, as well as high performance process section components and a robust parts portfolio.

Extricom Part of the CPM family of brands, Extricom Extrusion offers ring and twin extrusion technologies and develops patented process sections and complete machinery in CPM innovation labs. Extricom also serves Europe as an aftermarket parts supplier.

Planet Dryers Part of the CPM family of brands, Planet Dryers offers dryers, roasters, coolers, and ancillary machinery for a variety of food and non-food industrial applications and its reliable and innovative equipment maximizes efficiency in roasting, toasting, thermal expansion, and beyond.

Ruiya Part of the CPM family of brands, Ruiya Extrusion offers complete extrusion process systems in China and developing countries. Ruiya manufactures a robust product portfolio of equipment, ranging from feeders, to pelletizers.

TSA Griddle Part of the CPM family of brands, TSA Griddle offers leading griddle technology and systems for ready-to-eat, batter-based breakfast and frozen foods.

Wolverine Proctor Part of the CPM family of brands, Wolverine Proctor offers processing equipment for the cereal, snack food, textile, rubber, and tobacco industries. Wolverine Proctor also develops flaking and shredder lines for cereal applications that are trusted for their ease of use and reliability.