ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH
Stand - A400
ENTEX has consequently developed the process of planetary roller extruder. By initiation of the heat transfer by means of pressurized water and ameliorated construction of the cooling channels enabling a product-close temperature guidance and therefore having decisively influenced the heat transfer, this system has also been accepted more and more. 

The planetary roller extruder is not longer only the classic compounding aggregate for the PVC industry, but covers the whole bandwidth of the compounding/ reaction technology.

It is used in the Plastic Industry  –e.g. all PVC formulations, ABS, TPO, TPU, filled polyolefines, Prepex, processing of caoutchouc, elastomer adhesives, etc.,

Colour Industry –e.g. epoxy-, polyester-, acrylic/similar lacquers,

Chemical Industry –e.g. blends with endo/exothermic reactions

Food Industry –e.g. cocoa – sugar – dispersion, special malts 

Pharmaceutical Industry - e.g. pelletizing of hydrophobic and lipophil active ingredients 

Special applications –e.g. sludge compounding, WPC