Stand - A640

GÜLMER was established in June 1998 and started the investment in Organized Industrial Region in BiLECiK, where is 90 kilometers to Gemlik port, 200-250 kilometers to  ISTANBUL,  which is  an  encouraged  investment  by  the government. In June 1999  Gülmer had started production.

Total planted area of the factory is 10.000m², closed area is 2800m². Production area is 20m x 35m,  height  is 22 m. The  factory  has 2 lines, and capacity of the plant is 25.000 ton/year on particle size d97 20-25 microns.

In  the first couple of years Gülmer produced fine Calcium Carbonate, Barite, and Talk for the need of paint, paper, plastic, rubber, porcelain, pharmacy, and food industry.

In the following years Gülmer begin Dolomite and Gypsum production to serve better for its  customers.  In 2003 Gülmer became  specialist in Talc production  and gains of Turkish ultra fine white talc  production.