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Innovation in-house. And this for more than 100 years.

Scoring in the market with great creativity and great innovative strength. This is one of our strengths! 

Henschel`s  activities in building gearboxes started in 1918 andused worldwide for a variety of applications and are a synonym for quality, reliability and performance. In many areas we are viewed as the trendsetter of the industry. 

Since the production of the first counterrotating extruder gearbox in 1972 Henschel Antriebstechnik has developed in to the leading supplier for twin-screw extruder gearboxes. In addition to the gearboxes for single as well as counter and co-rotating extruders, well known under the trademark DURUMAX, further products were added over the years.

Precedence has been set for efficiency and reliability, yet keeping economy of scale as the highest priority. 

In 2013 we introduced our Xtreamor® melt pump which was developed as a pressure build-up device mainly for applications in the field of plastics, rubber and food processing. 

With the innovative  Xtreamor® melt pump, developed by HENSCHEL, the pressure build-up happens by specially designed twin screws, adjusted to the material properties. The Xtreamor® works with the lowest possible pre pressure due to the design-conditioned forced conveying. In doing so the compounder respectively the extruder is relieved of a lot of considerable workload

Much more advantages are known from different application running in the market as: 

  • Continuously gentle pressure build-up up to the highest output pressures
    (standard up to 250 bar, optional up to 500 bar)
  • Constant or controllable melt temperature
  • Melt cooling in Xtreamor®
  • Adaptation to the conveying medium by various screw geometries
  • Use also in extremely high or low viscosity materials
  • Increasing the output of compounding or extrusion processes
  • Very high constancy of extrude quality
  • Lowest material stress
  • Approximately pulsation-free material transport
  • Ideal feed of highly filled formulations for pressure build-up
  • Ideal feed of shear and temperature-sensitive formulations for pressure build-up
  • Very narrow residence time spectrum in the melt pump
  • Significant energy savings in the overall process
  • Negligible leakage currents in the melt pump
  • Extremely easy to service due to fast screw exchange and easy cleaning of the screws
  • Possibility of injection of gaseous or liquid additives such as foaming agents or other reactants
  • Possibility of vacuum degassing via the "screw shaft"
  • Higher service life of the upstream system since no pressure build-up is necessary
  • Hitherto unprecedented possibilities in chemistry also in the case of adhesive and reactive materials
  • Increase in production output on older plants to increase output
  • Shortest ROI by significantly increasing the performance of existing plants 

Compared to a gear pump the Xtreamor® can do much more than building-up the required melt-pressure!