ICMA San Giorgio
Stand - A408

With foundations that roots back to 1945, ICMA San Giorgio is one of the oldest and most experienced European engineering mechanical company specialised in Compounding & Extrusion Systems

Based in northern Italy, ICMA supplies turn-key systems for Compounding, Advanced recycling and Extrusion applications with a high degree of customisation when required.

All systems are equipped with state of the art co-rotating twin screw extruders to cover a wide range of formulations mainly in the plastic, rubber and composite industries.  

ICMA’s systems, equipped with its co-rotating extruders, also perfectly address several advanced plastic recycling tasks, from max output, to odour extraction and perfect mixing, enabling the GREEN transition at the highest level. 

Internal engineering, production & assembly, fast reactive experienced people and a unique space for production trials are all distinctive elements that make ICMA an ideal partner for new developments.