Konica Minolta Sensing Europe
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Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V., part of the Industrial Business division of Konica Minolta Inc. Japan, is a leading provider of measurement solutions for applications in the fields of Color & Appearance and Light Measurement. Throughout the EMEA region, Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V. serves the industry in more than 30 countries with Branch offices and qualified Distributors. Derived from our state-of-the-art optical and image processing technologies, measuring solutions from Konica Minolta Sensing help improve quality control and support R&D in a diverse range of industries.

Our color management solutions are essential for Quality Assurance in industries such as Automotive, Plastics, Coatings, Food & Ingredients, Chemicals, Pharmaceutics and Graphic Arts.

Together with group companies: Instrument Systems, Germany and Radiant Vision Systems, USA, Konica Minolta Sensing offers cutting edge technology in the field of Light and Display measurement to the ITC, Automotive and Lighting industry.

Innovation is one of the core values of Konica Minolta Sensing, utilizing the latest high-accuracy sensing technology to provide solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of industry.

Digital Color Data Management with High-Tech Instruments and Colibri® platform

The software platform Colibri® is a fully modular software suite, to encompass the full value chain of a product from design to global deployment. Being full scalable, Colibri form product design, definition of standards, color matching and quality control to global sourcing. Colibri® is suitable for single-client and small businesses as well as for large global enterprise installation.

Konica Minolta spectrophotometers have the reputation to provide industry best levels of inter-instrument and inter-model agreement out of the factory, the major prerequisite to achieve global Digital Color Data Management.