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The company is situated in the heart of the Italian north-east, Mepol is an innovative and flexible firm, which produces thermoplastic compounds and distributes plastic material throughout Italy and overseas.

It has a great productive capacity, expertise and know how are the solid foundations that Mepol lies customer relationships with. In every need Mepol is able to supply an efficient assistance and a valid technical support for products “tailor made”.

Mepol’s Eco range is made up of environmental-friendly materials, deserving the “CSICERT Recycled Plastic” eco-conformity mark to garantee utilization of 30% of recycled polymers at least in the compound mixture.

Mepol is the parent company of a group of four companies. Everyone qualified in their own field. A group that allows you to deal with the demands of various markets in a specialized manner.

I.T.I. Polymers, located in Ferrara, deals with the distribution of major brands of 1st choice materials and off-grades. I.T.I. Poland replicates for the North Europe the Mepol model producing compounds.

It is equipped with a plant for washing, grinding, extrusion and for the recovery and grinding of polymers.

Headquartered in Ferrara, Polar has developed its own business in processing and trading of plastics from industrial and post-consumer waste. It is certified according to UNI 10667-1.