Precise New Material
Stand - A511

Precise New Material started in 2004, a mono masterbatch and pre-dispersed pigment producer, dedicate in exportation of colors for fiber, film, plastic etc.

Starting from exporting solvent dyestuff and high-performance pigments, Precise never changes our devotion to plastic material application by extending our applications to synthetic fiber, film and digital ink jet.

To be more cost effective, our business range is expanded from colorant synthesis to after-treatment, synchronously from powder to granular, in order to fulfil our mission: offering clean and easy-to-use colors to the world. Our pigments and dyes are superior in dispersion and stability. Dust free is also a major obligation that we are pursuing, featuring precise auto-feeding!

Besides specializing in colorants development and production, we build up our own database for color matching software. Customers can easily tailor colors with our material and software by outstanding cost saving and fast interact with downstream customers. Besides colorants and software, we offer Q/C equipment and method to our clients which help us to communicate parallelly.

Ours are utterly close to workmanship as formal production. Having a large sales network in 60 countries enables us to offer you our high ended service which you can approach us at 24 hours every day!