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About Us


Rianlon is a major solution provider of anti-aging additives and application technologies for polymer materials. Our product portfolio includes antioxidants (RIANOX), light stabilizers (RIASORB) and U-pack which is customized blending formulation to provide one-stop anti-aging solution. Rianlon is a government certified “National High-tech Enterprise”. Rianlon is also the first publicly listed company in the Chinese anti-aging additives industry, stock symbol: 300596. Rianlon commits itself to the mission of creating value for customers and stays focused on anti-aging technologies for polymer materials. We are strengthening technology innovation and global network so as to make contribution to the advancement of technology for global polymer materials.

Rianlon has five integrated production sites.

-Tianjin Hangu site manufactures antioxidants, light stabilizers and U-pack.

-Ningxia Zhongwei site manufactures antioxidants, light stabilizers and U-pack.

-Zhejiang Changshan site manufactures light stabilizers.

-Guangdong Zhuhai site is under construction and expected to go on stream at the beginning of 2020.

-Hebei Hengshui site manufactures HALS. 

Rianlon has realized production capacities for complete anti-aging additives for polymer materials, including GAO, SAO, UVA, HALS and U-pack and will continue to expand capacities worldwide in line with our market development and demands of customers. 

Products and Application 

Our product portfolio includes antioxidants, light stabilizers and U-pack.

These products are widely used in such industries as automotive parts, coatings, construction materials, packaging, electronics, housewares etc. We are offering one of the most comprehensive selections of anti-aging additives to the most challenging applications our customers face. Through self-innovation, institute collaboration and customer cooperation, we are able to consistently expand production lines and provide new products and technical service year by year.