RSH Polymere
Stand - A446

Uncompromising quality in recycled pellets and recycle-based compounds

A specialist for recycling and compounding high-quality polymers, RSH sells in-house manufactured recycle grades and compounds used in extruded and injection-moulded products for wide-ranging applications in the automotive, construction, consumer goods and packaging industries. RSH products are made from clean production scrap obtained from plastics processors. Our portfolio includes standard products as well as custom products tailor-made to customers’ specifications.

Today RSH annually sells over 60,000 tonnes of high-quality pelletized plastics, primarily regranulated and compounded resins.

RSH offers a comprehensive range of products and services which customers can use individually or in synergistic combinations:

  • Development and manufacturing of optimized recycled resins and compounds in accordance with your specifications
  • Procurement of best raw materials
  • Quality control over the entire process chain
  • Trading of virgin and recycled resins
  • On-time delivery of ordered quantities
  • Support in development of production waste management systems

With regard to quality, RSH recycled resin products can compete on even terms with virgin resins. From economic and ecological standpoints, they are in fact frequently better because their production offers greater cost-saving potential and up to 50 % reduction in CO2 emissions – therefore providing CO2 footprint benefits for downstream processors.