Stand - A516

Samyang is not only producing polycarbonate(PC), Si-PC, TPEE based on its indigenous polymer synthesis technology

but also various engineering plastic(EP) based compounds with its own polymer processing technology.

Samyangs EP is excellent in transparency, heat-resistance & mechanical property compared to commodity plastics and widely used in electronics, automotive and mechanical parts.

Moreover, Samyang Chemical R&D Center is expanding its field of research to automotive lightweight materials, metal replacement materials, eco-friendly materials and high-functional materials in order to meet customers demands. 

Adding quality to your life-this is what we are called to do in a way as natural as breathing. Over the last 100 years, Samyang has been working to make our life more abundant and convenient thus improving the standard of living.

Guided by both traditional values and the growth mindset, Samyang is now preparing for another great 100 years.

Samyang aims to grow into a global company by strengthening the core business that involves several interrelated sectors spanning chemicals, food, biopharmaceuticals and packaging, and advancement of our business structure.

Dedicated to creating a more abundant and convenient lifestyle, Samyang is looking forward to the next 100 years of even greater achievements.