Stand - A715

X-Compound is a Swiss based, worldwide operating manufacturer of compounding machinery established in 1996. We are a flexible, small company, but have the strong backup of our mother company Troester in Hannover/Germany, which has more than 600 employees.

Our deep knowledge in process technology and plant engineering allows us to build complete compounding plants, from storage of raw materials through to bagging and packing of finished product.

X-Compound features Continuous-Kneaders as the core of its compounding plants. The unique working principle of this special compounding extruder was developed for shear/temperature sensitive products and highly filled compounds. Other striking benefits are the high product flexibility and the outstanding wear tolerance. The screw of the Continuous-Kneader is modular and its barrel can be opened, so the process section is easy to adapt and to maintain.

Here are our main compounding applications:

  • Cross-linkable compounds, e.g. by silane or peroxide
  • Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds
  • Conductive and semi conductive Compounds
  • All kind of PVC compounds for pelletizing and calender feeding
  • Extremely high filled compounds
  • Highly abrasive compounds e.g. magneto-plastics and ceramic compounds
  • Rubber and TPE compounds
  • Carbon black and additive master batches
  • Thermoset compounds

To develop optimized compounding processes for the above and similar applications, we invite potential customers to our modern pilot plant in Switzerland.

X-Compound does not only supply machinery, but offers also services and spare parts for own Kneaders and for Kneaders of other manufacturers.