SC-Consultants to present updated Ludovic software at Compounding World Expo

SC-Consultants will present the newest version of Ludovic (V7.0) Compounding World Expo in both Europe and North America.

Increasing accuracy of the compounding process is the main target with this new version, as they put all their efforts to simulate all the components of the extrusion process: getting a complete and comfortable interface for designing all the screw profiles/brands. Proposing complex material behaviours laws for undertaking the different blends and formulations and reinforcing the results overview for seeing all the key data at a glance.

Benefits of using the Ludovic software for simulating the extrusion process include:

  • replacing the classic trials/errors method, thus reducing the costs
  • speeding up the process definition by scanning the machine/materials functioning domain
  • improving the scale up steps by proposing advanced DoE (Design of Experiments) analysis

SC-Consultants are excited to present the Ludovic software and all their simulation code dedicated to mixing and extrusion. They will be in Essen on the Booth A116 and in Cleveland on A206 booth