Exhibitor Interview: Microban

In our next Exhibitor Interview we caught up with Graham Harvey, International Group Director at Microban about industry challenges, standing out from the competition, and what they are looking forward to at Compounding World Expo this year. 

Microban International is the global leader in antimicrobial and odour control solutions. Established for more than 35 years, Microban® technologies are proven to help create cleaner, fresher and more sustainable products by combatting the uncontrolled growth of damaging microbes. The company offers a broad portfolio of additives that can be built into a variety of substrates at the stage of manufacture. These include innovative formulations for plastics that work to enhance product cleanliness, neutralise odours and extend durability, ultimately reducing the need for premature product disposal.

Today, Microban® technologies can be found in more than 1,000 products worldwide through partnerships with over 250 leading manufacturers. Headquartered in North Carolina, Microban has operations in North America, South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

What do you think is currently the biggest challenge facing your industry?

Changes to global biocidal regulations and the perception of biocides in general pose continuous challenges in the world of antimicrobial technology. As the industry leader in antimicrobials, Microban has an experienced team of regulatory professionals who help us to stay abreast of the latest directives, specifically in Europe and the United States. In relation to our work in the plastics industry, environmental concerns are challenging perceptions of what a plastic product should look like and how it should perform. This is driving companies, including Microban, to find alternative ways of facilitating sustainable product development. Oil pricing is also an ongoing concern as it links to polymer pricing.

What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

Microban is the world's leading innovator in antimicrobial technologies. With a combined expertise spanning more than a century, Microban's skilful team of microbiologists, chemists, and polymer engineers continue to drive creative solutions for sustainable product development – allowing companies to meet the ever changing demands of consumers and businesses decision-makers alike. We have the world’s largest portfolio of antimicrobial technologies under one roof, meaning we can cater to the needs of every customer and product type. Our proven formulations are successfully integrated into a range of materials, offering enhanced product performance and a distinguishable competitive advantage. Microban’s partnerships with 250+ companies across the globe has cemented our position as the most widely recognized antimicrobial brand. Our locations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific mean Microban has a comprehensive and regulatory compliant solution for every market. We also have extensive logistics capabilities, enabling us to efficiently serve customers worldwide. At Microban, the customer is at the heart of everything we do and it’s what has allowed us to stand out from the crowd. 

Are there any new technology developments that your company is working on at the moment?

As the industry leader in antimicrobials, Microban is always looking to innovate and we have numerous technological developments in progress. All to be revealed in due course!

What are you most looking forward to at this years’ show? 

Microban is most looking forward to presenting a different perspective on antimicrobial technology, and how it can be used to enhance the sustainability of plastic products. Plastic pollution is quickly evolving into one of the world’s biggest environmental calamities, so we feel it’s important to present solutions that can minimise the effects of this. We cannot wait to present our technologies and findings to the plastics community. 

Microban will be exhibiting at Compounding World Expo in Essen, Germany, 3 - 4 June at stand A405.

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