GranaClean: Ready-mix, patented and universal cleaning granulates

Granula Polymer GmbH, a family-owned company based in Groß-Umstadt, Germany, which has been successful in the plastics industry for 27 years, has developed a patented, ready-mix cleaning granulate GranaClean for injection molding machines and extruders. Through its use, compared to the most common alternative cleaning processes, plastic waste can be significantly reduced and CO2 can be saved. 

"Anything that has a screw and rotates, we can clean," is the credo of managing director Dr. Hubert Christ. The company has invested in an extensive development phase lasting several years, and it has paid off. GranaClean cleaning granulates convince with the following advantages:

- It does not require a reaction time! This saves additional time and costs compared to alternative cleaning methods and agents.
- It is a finished granulate that can be used directly without mixing. In addition, the process parameters to the previously run material can be maintained or the parameters of the subsequent material can already be set during cleaning. 
- It expands on the machine and thus effectively reaches dead zones.  
- All ingredients of GranaClean can be adjusted to be food grade on request and are non-abrasive to the screw. 
- GranaClean cleaning granulates can be injection molded into parts themselves if required: This allows on-the-fly color change without interruptions. Even a removal of the cleaner by means of a robot could already be adjusted. 

Within the scope of a scientific study of the FH Burgenland GranaClean could convince in the direct comparison with market companions by a fast cleaning, an altogether very good cleaning effect and a low process odor. 

In addition to the universally applicable cleaning granulate GranaClean UNI with a broad application range from 160 °C to 320 °C for standard and technical thermoplastics, Granula Polymer GmbH offers a cleaning granulate GranaClean Clear for machines that process transparent and crystal-clear thermoplastics, GranaClean TPE/TPU for thermoplastic elastomers and GranaClean HT for machines that process high-performance thermoplastics. 

With in-house production and development in Germany and patent protection throughout Europe, the formulation of the cleaning granulates can be specifically adapted to the customer's machine and needs, if required. As a free service, the company offers samples and cleaning at the customer's site. The cleaner is easy to use, and no training is required to introduce the cleaner.

In summary, the advantages of GranaClean cleaning granulates are primarily that time and money are saved, but waste volumes are also significantly reduced. The decision to use GranaClean cleaning granulates for regular maintenance and cleaning, for daily freezing and restarting or for colour or material changes therefore leads to a demonstrable contribution to the environment. 

The benefits, information and films on the cleaner and its contribution to sustainability can be viewed on the product homepage