Speaker interview: Giorgio Santella, CMG Granulators

Giorgio Santella, Managing Director, CMG Granulators

Next up, we interview Giorgio Santella, Managing Director of CMG Granulators, who will be speaking at Plastic Recycling World Expo.

CMG Granulators provide size reduction solutions for the plastics recycling industry, with granulators, shredders, integral feed conveyors, regrind evacuation and conveying systems and powder separation executions.

They operate in both post-industrial and post consumer recycling. In post-industrial, CMG supply complete solutions to shred/grind, de-dust and bag the regrind. In post consumer, along with supplying new production lines, they support the industry with the replacement of old/outdated granulators and shredders in existing washing lines, to increase capacity and yield.


What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

Product development, solutions engineering and technology innovation are the three elements at the heart of our approach to the industry. Our entire range of machinery is Industry 4.0 compliant and features the highest degree of energy efficiency. We offer solutions with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. 


Are there any new technology developments that your company is working on at the moment?

Yes, we have just completed the production of a brand new fully proprietary cutting chamber design for our Evoluzione series granulators. It allows highest capacity of granulation, lowest energy utilization, best regrind dimensional homogeneity and absence of dust or fine particles. 


What are the biggest challenges facing the industry today, and how can this be overcome?

There are two big challenges, one logistical and one technical. The first is the collection and sorting of plastic waste which must be increased to meet industry demands. I see this as a critical infrastructure requirement. The second is the efficiency of the washing systems. As of today, every 100 kg of feedstock produces 60 kg of clear regrind. This is mainly due to the inability to shred/grind the feedstock accurately, which in turn produces a high percentage of small particles and powder that get lost along with the dirty water.


How do you see the sector developing in the next five to ten years?

The plastic recycling industry is going through a lot of change, driven by a number of demands. For example, increasing outputs, recycled resin quality, types of polymers able to be recycled as well as optimization/reduction of resources whilst reducing emissions. All the forementioned demands require new and purposeful design of technical solutions. Also, the concentration of recycling capacity in pre-determined locations is an obsolete pre-requisite. The recycling industry will grow with the establishment of distributed recycling plants, serving the plastics manufacturing industry.


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s show? 

We attend this show because it is a technology driven. CMG Granulators is a very innovative recycling technology provider, not only do we have the ability to produce high quality regrind, but we also do that by using the smallest amount of energy, an element that today has become a critical one. Our objective is to inform the recycling industry that each and every existing recycling line can be upgraded and modernised.

Make sure to listen to Giorgio Santella at Plastic Recycling World Expo theatre.