Thermo Fisher to enhance capabilities through customized solutions for continuous real-time measurement of viscosity and melt index

PCR transparent (PNG)

Online rheometers in process control enable real-time measurement of viscosity and melt index. This ensures reliable, continuous quality control during polymer production with an economically attractive ROI.

Modern polymer production facilities require customized flexible solutions of adaptability of process control rheometers to existing or new production environments, such as integration into process control systems or adaption to hazardous /non-hazardous production conditions.

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE™ PCR 630 Process Control Rheometer is an innovative process control technology for online melt index and viscosity rheological measurements. The rheometer can be used as a permanently installed quality control instrument on extruders or melt pipes for polymer production. Thermo Fisher Scientific experts work closely with customers to find an optimal process solution for new production lines or retrofitting of existing lines.

For product and process development of new polymers or compounds, the HAAKE PCR system can now also be installed as a mobile, height-adjustable solution to meet different extruder sizes.