INSPEC.TECH to present new in-line pellet inspection solutions at Cleveland Expos 2019 – Booth A510

INSPEC.TECH  are excited to present a new solution for in-line vision inspection and sorting for pellets, during the Compounding World Expo 2019 in Cleveland at booth A510.  The product has a wide range of detection capabilities such as size and tails, contaminations, and discoloration in a small size system, easy for line integration, easy for operation and at an affordable price.

About INSPEC.TECH Inspection Technologies: The company (previously the plastic sheets division of Quality By Vision) has been providing quality control systems since 1973. They supplied their first vision inspection systems for the packaging industry in 1982 and their first cap layer measurement system for sheet manufacturers in 1984. Since then, the company has been continuously expanding and can now supply a complete line of inspection systems for plastic sheet, film, and pellet manufacturers.  Email:  data-sf-ec-immutable="">